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Whats on offer?

Open 4 gives you a chance to learn more about factual TV production and to get an insight into how programmes are made. Find out what it’s like to work in an independent production company and hear Channel 4 staff talking about what they do and how they got where they are today.

There are four online modules to enjoy and complete. Along the way you’ll learn about what it takes to work in factual TV. Answer the questions in the short assessments that follow each one and you’ll find out whether a job in the media is right for you.

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Whats on offer?

Open 4 is a new online learning platform that’s available to everyone. It’s part of Open Channels, an innovative collaboration between Channel 4 and the BBC to provide apprenticeship learning opportunities, and is supported by Creative Skillset.

You can find out more about BBC opportunities and how Creative Skillset can help.